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Venues & Fixtures


Cum Ye Inn, Dalbeattie

Every TUESDAY and FRIDAY Night (known as Maxwell League), 7.45pm Registration, Contact Number: 01556 612 195

 Bank of Fleet, Gatehouse

games played on a wednesday night,8 00 all welcome!!

Gordon House Hotel, Kirkcudbright

Every WEDNESDAY Night, 7.45pm Registration, Contact Number: 01557 330670


Every THURSDAY Night,  7.45pm Registration

 The Cross Keys Hotel, New Galloway

 Every MONDAY Night, 7.15pm Registration, Contact Number: 01644 420494

 Castle Douglas Bowling Club

 Every FRIDAY Night, 7 pm  Registration Contact Number: 07507816230

 Saturday and Sunday Night Events will be on various Saturdays and Sundays

6th Monthly final
6th monthly tournament

6th monthly tournament

Winner of the 6th monthly tournament held in the Cum Ye Inn, Dalbeattie was Richard Simpson runner up wa J Wilson, 6TH MONTHLY result 1st -R Simpson, 2nd J Wilson, 3rd B Davidson, 4th  T paterson, 5th G Davies.

SPL next sat league game,9th march,bounty hunter,7 30 start,£12.50 buy inn @ cum ye inn, 3rd sat league game,23rd march(possibly pairs,tbc) bowling club 7 30 start £12.50 buy inn

Online league game this Sunday will be a knockout,8 00 start(on pokerstars)

April 20th trip to Blackpool,need confirmed numbers(poker £33,travel and b+b roughly £45)


Royal Flush


Bob Ramsay from New Galloway has hit the Royal Flush Jackpot. Bob was playing at the Crosskeys hotel  on Monday night in the Stewartry Poker League when he hit the royal flush in spades.  A royal flush in spades is considered the highest possible hand. The chances of achieving it are only 1 in the 2,598,960 possible hands. Bob will have to wait till this quarter finishes to see how much his royal flush is worth.

bowling club Poker Results

Castle Douglas bowling club Poker Results

1st Feb  N Porteous, 2 D Livingston, 3rd G Maxwell 4 B Swales, 5th C Kerr, 6 R Harkness,7th B Allen, 8th S Lucas and 9th A Davies.

 8th Feb 1st G Maxwell, 2nd D Mckie, 3rd N Kerr, 4th R McCreath, 5th J Crawford, 6th D geddes, 7th J McQuat, 8th B Swales, 9th B Davidson

15th Feb result  1st P Hamilton, 2nd G Maxwell, 3rd S Broll, 4th G Davies, 5th C Wilson 6th J McWhan,

22nd Feb Result ; 1st J Dailly, 2nd R McCreath,  3rd A Frost, 4th  D McKie, 5th  J Struthers, 6th  S Davies, 7th  N Kerr, 8th P Hamilton, 9th R Cook.


Region quarter
Regional final  for October, November, December, quarter was played at the Star Inn, Twynholm, on sunday the 27th jan, Results were 1st K McDonald, 2n


Regional final  for October, November, December, quarter was played at the Star Inn, Twynholm, on sunday the 27th jan, Results were 1st K McDonald, 2nd J Dingwall, 3rd N Kerr, 4th J Henry, 5th B Davidson, 6th D Clement, 7th D McKie 8th  P Holmes and 9th S Kennedy.



Castle Douglasn Bowling club 25th jan

Castle Douglasn  Bowling club 25th jan  1st S broll, 2nd G maxwell, 3rd  B Swales, 4th J McWhan, 5th D Mckie.


results 18th Jan

Castle Douglas Bowling club results 18th Jan 1st J McWhan, 2nd J Struthers, 3rd B Davidson, 4 C Wilson, 5 N Kerr.



Castle Douglas bowling club poker

Castle Dougals Bowling club poker result.11th January  B allen g Davies d Geddes r Simpson r mcelroy b Davidson v kingstree g Smith d McKie.  Also g maxwell j McWhan s Broll n kerr j McQuat s Murray j Crawford. 16 total.

 Castle Dougals Bowling club poker result  4 January.  S Murray G Smith N Kerr J McWhan G Maxwell J Struthers N Porteous R McCreath M Parker. Also S Broll M Green B Swales J McQuat D McKie J Pringle J Philips B Davidson A Davies.  18 total.

 Castle Douglas Bowling club held their annual Christmas poker tournament with over 50 players taking part sponsored by Brian Swales.  Results were.  1st Alan Davies 2nd G Maxwell 3rd Jamie Sturthers 4 D Geddes

Team Event at Castle Douglas
Stewartry poker league


The Stewartry Poker league held a team competition on Saturday 10th November with 40 players entered from Dumfries and Galloway winners were Ricky’s Rockets – team members were Ricky McElroy, Jamie Struthers, Gavin Green and Scott Davies with 320 points. 2nd Equal  were Its Only Chips (Davie McKie, Grant Smith, Robbie Mcreath ,Brian Swales)  - 280 points -Tony's Tigers ( Tony Patterson, Stuart Richardson, Dan Clement, Kerry Whalen) -  280 points.




Stewartry Poker League team event held on Saturday 10th November at Castle Douglas Bowling Club -  table winners play off - 1st Scott Davies, 2nd Davie McKie, 3rd Dan Clement, 4th Colin Maxwell.







Regional Qualifiers





regional for oct,nov,dec quarter will be played at the star inn,twynholm,on sunday the 27th jan,1 00 start.

list of qualifiers:-

maxwell(cyi friday)-j henry,d clement,p brown,i farrell,j dingwall,c halliday

sat league-d clement,c maxwell,s davies,j mcginlay,d mckie

online league-s davies,c maxwell,heeddawbaw,r struthers,j henry,d clement

xkeys-d jordan,g robertson,b ramsay,r struthers,d clement,j clarke,sclarke,c maxwell,s kennedy,p holmes

gordon house-g brown,c maxwell,k mcdonald,j gray,a frost,p brown,s greggan

star-a anderson,d clement,k mcdonald,j mcwhan,j kirkland,i briggs,r gidney

bowling club-n porteous,s murray,b davidson,d mckie,j mcwhan,b swales,r mcelroy,c maxwell,j struthers,n kerr,d geddes

cum ye inn(standings with 1 game to go,tue 8th jan final game of quarter)

a mcgie,s mcdougal,d clement,t patterson,j mcwhan,c halliday,p brown


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